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What Makes Script Warrior Services, LLC Different?

We can sit here and tell you everything everyone else does until we are blue in the face. Yes, we provide the most accurate legal transcripts and/or general transcripts possible. Yes, we tailor to your needs. Yes, we have multiple quality assurance steps. However, these words do not matter as much as our actions. We strive to do all of these things as well as provide the services you need to focus your attention on what you do best with the satisfaction of knowing that your transcript is in the best possible hands while building a successful long-term business relationship.

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We know it’s easy to just go with larger agencies that you see all over the web. We also know they have extremely low rates. However, those agencies may be able to get your transcript completed quickly, but how accurate is it? A lot of the larger agencies and companies outsource the work to many different people, which opens the door for many more mistakes. Whereas we make the promise of handling your transcript personally, which in turn, one transcriber is assigned per audio, meaning more consistency and fewer mistakes. As you know, the English language is more complicated than just typing some words. This is the reason we do not, under any circumstances, outsource our work to anyone else.

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Quality Assurance

Our process starts before we receive your audio. We first determine whether your audio is legal or general, then we pick the best team member to best complete the transcript. After it is typed, the transcript then goes to a proofreader, who will then listen word for word through the transcript. There is a final proofreader without audio, as well as the last step to ensure the formatting is correct.

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Timely & Accurate

Due to our quality assurance process, the chances of missing something important are slim, meaning a more accurate transcript. We do this all within the time frame you request. If you tell us you want a 14-day turnaround time and a few days later decide you need it back sooner than you planned, just let us know. We’ll adjust the timing and billing on our end for you to be worry-free.

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Our Team Members

Before anybody is onboarded on our team, we thoroughly test them to ensure they have the ability to follow instructions regarding formatting, and that they have the skills to create the most accurate transcript they can. Therefore, our team members have experience.

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At every step of our process, you will be informed. Emails are generally responded to within an hour or two unless it’s after hours. You may still get a response after hours, but it is not guaranteed. However, we strive to be better than anyone else regarding communication. We know this is important to you.

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You get what you pay for

We don’t enjoy saying this, but it’s true. The bigger agencies may charge less, but they are nowhere near as accurate as they could be. The saying, “You get what you pay for” is true in most cases.

We offer competitive rates that fall in line with the standard. If, for whatever reason, you dispute our rates, contact us. We’re sure we can work with you, but we won’t know unless you reach out.

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Script Warrior Services, LLC dedicates its time and attention to each and every need of its clients. We’re not happy until you’re happy. We do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied with the work done. Our Warriors are here to defend you and your needs whenever, wherever, to the best of our abilities.

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What our customers are saying

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Brittany, this is amazing work! You are such a lifesaver. Just beautiful. I will continue to use Script Warrior Services as I have for the past year.

- Angie M.

Court Reporter

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I’m so happy I found you when I did! I know this last divorce proceeding was a pain. Thank you for your patience and for getting me through this. Definitely recommend Script Warrior Services.

- Susan White


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My go-to for all deposition and criminal court transcripts. Script Warrior Services really know their way around a transcript.

- Ben Whitlock


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We know it’s scary to start with a company you’re not familiar with. Because we know your anxiety will be high at first, we’re offering the first 5 PAGES FREE so you can see how we work. We love feedback and we love referrals. Therefore, we love to take care of clients who help us out.